One of the other services that we provide is a “Dinner Transportation Shuttle” service. If you are staying at a local (Newberg to Mcminnville) hotel or lodging establishment, a local resident, or even just looking for a return trip home from a restaurant after dinner, we have just the option for you! Every week we will have the Shuttle in operation from Thursday-Sunday, from 5pm-11pm nightly. You can set up a reservation in advance with us, pre-purchase your transportation on our website, or call us on demand as needed; we can be there inside of an hour. This Shuttle does not service any area outside of the Newberg to Mcminnville area; we are unable to provide this as an option heading towards Portland.

  • Newberg to Mcminnville, 99w corridor
    • Newberg, Dundee, Dayton, Carlton, Mcminnville
  • Thursday through Sunday, operating from 5-11pm
  • $20 per person, per direction
    • Two person transfer from The Allison to Mcminnville & return = $80 + gratuity
  • On call, available for pickup inside the hour
  • Online ticket purchase available in advance
  • Large group capacity, up to 14 at a time
  • Joinable shuttle type service, hop on hop off
  • Prompt, Professional, and Reliable

This Shuttle is a joinable option; if you are a couple going to dinner in Mcminnville and being picked up in Newberg, you may share a ride with others who are on a similar route. There is no need to get a quote beforehand; we have a standard price model of $20 per person/per direction. A couple going from Newberg to Mcminnville and their return would cost $80. The same couple going from Newberg to Dundee would cost the same. We encourage tipping your driver as well.

When you are picked up and then dropped off at your destination/restaurant, your driver will make sure you have a business card with the number to call (503-444-9744) to get the return trip back. Make sure to give the driver an estimate on when you will be ready, as well as call before pickup to confirm timing. Our goal is to be as prompt as possible; you should never have to wait more than an hour. If you would like more information about this service, feel free to email us at [email protected], or call us at 503-444-9744.