Frequently Asked Questions

How many wineries can my group visit on an average tour?


We feel that three wineries in a day is the best amount. Even though we love keeping the party going, taste buds have mostly given up after tasting at three wineries. 


Do we have to have reservations at the wineries?


During the pandemic, the majority of the wineries in the valley went to reservation-required tastings only to minimize guest interaction and to clean in between visits. When the mandates loosened, wineries discovered that reservations were helpful in managing staff and ensuring guests have a better, more personalized experience. Gone are the days of having to snake your way through the throngs of tasters crowded around the bar in hopes of getting your next pour from grumpy, frazzled servers.

However, there are a few wineries in the valley that do not require reservations – our concierge team would be happy to help you find them.


Can we drink alcohol in the van?


Most definitely! We have a permit that allows our guests on board to consume alcoholic beverages. However, outside drinks (boozy or not) can not be taken from the van into the wineries or restaurants. If alcohol is to be consumed in the vehicle, ALL guests must be 21 years or older. Please bring identification as the driver will need to verify the ages of all guests.


Can we bring our own snacks/lunch to eat in the van?


Of course! We like our guests to stay well nourished while imbibing.


I hear there are dog-friendly wineries, is my dog allowed to come along on our tour?


Although we at Pinot Car love our furry friends, sadly they are not allowed to accompany you in the van unless they are a trained service dog.

Are children allowed to come with us on tour?


Yes. Parents must provide their own car seats for young children and older children (8 – 20) are considered as part of the guest count. Many wineries only allow guests who are 21+ so make sure to let Pinot Car know the ages of all the young guests so we can plan accordingly. However, there are some wineries that welcome kiddos and will make sure they have a fun time too!


Can Pinot Car ship the wine I might buy back to my home?


We can ship your wine to you (with an added $30 handling fee) but it is better to let the winery where you have bought your wine ship it for you. This eliminates the risk of breaking bottles while loading and unloading them from the vehicles and transporting them to a shipping office.


How late are the wineries open?


In general, most wineries open at 11:00 AM and close at 5:00 PM. There are a few who open at 10:00 AM and others who close as late as 7:00 PM. Our concierge team can assist in navigating the times.


Is it the same hourly rate if I plan my own tour and schedule my own reservations?


Yep. Our concierge service is complimentary but welcome our guests to plan their day if they prefer. We will go over your itinerary to make sure the route and timings make sense for your tour.


Can the driver pick up food for us while we are in tasting?


Certainly! Your driver is at your disposal for anything you may want during your tour. 


Does the driver’s gratuity need to be paid in cash?


No. Even though they say cash is king, the gratuity can easily be added to the invoice and charged on the booking credit card at the end of the tour.

Terms & Conditions 

By rendering Pinot Car Wine Tours services with a deposit, you agree to the terms and conditions that follow.​

A $200 deposit is taken at the time of booking with a credit card that will be held on file. The deposit will be credited to your balance at the end of your tour.

Upon completion of your tour, the final balance will be charged to the card on file. If guests wish to change credit cards or split the charge on an additional card, a credit card authorization form will be provided by the driver. 

Any additional fees such as out-of-area pick-up or special requests (lunches, bottles of sparkling wine, added amenities) will be applied to the invoice and charged to the card on file.

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time if we feel our terms of service are being violated.

There is a 3-hour minimum for wine tours where the pickup location is within Yamhill County and a 5-hour minimum for wine tours where the pickup location is outside Yamhill County. The tour starts at the scheduled pickup time and ends at the final drop-off point. An automatic driver gratuity of 20% is applied to all tours.

A $50 fuel charge will be applied to pick-ups further than an hour from our home base of Newberg, Oregon.

Any damage to the interior of the vehicle that results in the need for extensive detailing/cleaning will be charged a minimum of $300.00. Any damage that causes the vehicle to be removed from the fleet will be charged for the subsequent damages and/or loss of projected revenue.

It is our goal at Pinot Car to curate a unique experience for all of our guests. In order to execute that, extensive planning and coordination with various wineries and services are required. For that reason, should you need to cancel, please be aware of our Cancellation Policy (see below), as well as the policy of each winery planned for your visit.

Pinot Car, LLC does not take ownership of your reservations and does not charge for concierge/travel planning services. It is your responsibility to handle disputes or discrepancies for reservations made on your behalf.

Pinot Car, LLC will not be held liable for your reservations or accommodations.

Cancellation Policy: Customers can receive a full refund of the deposit or credit with a 7-day notice of cancellation. Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in the case the Operator cancels the reservation due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

 Wine Tasting Fees, Special Requests, and 3rd party vendors are your responsibility and are to be handled on the day of service, or in advance. In some cases, your credit card will be used to render such services, per your request.

Pinot Car, LLC will not be held liable for cancellation fees from any wineries, 3rd party contracts, or fees associated with last-minute changes.

 Pinot Car will do its best to make sure any wine purchased during the tour is safely stowed in the vehicle but is not responsible for any breakage that might occur due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Pinot Car will not exceed the allowed capacity of our vehicles. Every passenger needs a seat belt, with no exceptions.

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