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I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! We are definitely in the off-season here in the Willamette Valley. Now that things have slowed down I have been visiting a ton of wineries that are new to me. Please believe that I’ve uncovered lots of hidden gems that I’m excited to introduce my guests to next year.

It’s been a real treat tasting unique creations at these wineries. I have a real appreciation of the effort and pride that goes into making these wines, and it’s never lost on me that these wineries are why our company is in business in the first place.

I have been taking a lot of notes along the way. I take a lot of consideration into what I am tasting, the price point, the varietals, and the overall vibe. It’s really a whole lot of fun and very rewarding. All this work will really pay off when making itineraries next year.

I’ve also slowly started grouping wineries into groups based on similarities that I note. Believe me, there are a whole lot of ways to do this. It’s a lot of fun when a guest tells me that they like winery “A” and winery “B” and I can suggest winery “C” based on what I think the common elements are. The other day I really nailed a recommendation when a guest told me he really enjoyed  Beaux Freres and White Rose. Two excellent wineries indeed. In my mind they both make elegant, delicate wine with nice finishes with good oak, and can definitely be enjoyed without food. So I thought Eveningland fit right in with those aspects. So I took him there and it was a home run!

Until next time!

If you have any hot tips for me know! CarlosM@Pinotcar.com

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