March is Women’s History Month

The Art of Winemaking, traditionally a male-dominated field, has found its way into the talented hands of some incredible women! That’s right, women have stepped out of the shadows, rolled up their sleeves, donned their rubber boots, and taken the wineries by storm. 


In the late 80s, while Oregon’s Wine Country was still a sleepy industry, pioneering winemakers like Lynn Penner-Ash and Patricia Green were taking on the role of winemaker for local wineries such as Rex Hill and Torii Mor before diving headfirst into their own labels. Now, more and more women are happily (and successfully) plunging their hands into the purple clusters and producing some amazing wine. Here’s a list of some of the ladies behind the bottles:


  • Adelsheim – Winemaker Gina Hennen, Vineyard Manager Kelli Gregory
  • Alumbra – President & Winemaker Elena Rodriguez
  • Atticus Wine – Winemaker Ximena Orrego
  • Bryn Mawr – Winemaker/Vineyard Director Rachel Rose
  • Chehalem Winery – Winemaker Katie Santora, Assistant Winemaker Jess Spera, Cellar Master Cate Lever
  • Coleman – Co-Owner/Winemaker Kim Coleman
  • Cramoisi – Co-Owner/Winemaker Sofia Torres McKay
  • Day Wines – Owner/Winemaker Brianne Day
  • De Ponte – Winemaker Isabelle Dutartre (also for Potcake)
  • Et Fille – Winemaker Jessica Mozeico
  • Hyland – Winemaker Anne Sery
  • Johan Vineyards – Winemaker Morgan Beck
  • Kelley Fox – Owner/winemaker Kelley Fox 
  • Leah Jörgenson – Owner/Winemaker Leah Jörgensen
  • Maysara – Winemaker Tahmiene Momtazi
  • Nicolas-Jay – Assistant Winemaker Tracy Kendall
  • Penner-Ash – Founding Winemaker Lynne Penner-Ash and current Winemaker Kate Ayers
  • Ponzi – Winemaker Luisa Ponzi (Book a winery tour with Luisa in March $85/pp)
  • Privé – Winemaker Poppy Underbrink
  • Raptor Ridge – Winemaker Shannon Gustafson
  • Remy Wines – Owner, Winemaker & Mayor of McMinnville! Remy Drabkin 
  • Ribbon Ridge Winery – Winemaker Wynne Peterson-Nedry
  • Stoller – Winemaker Mellissa Burr

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